ProTarget® Technology

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ProTarget® is a patented enteric coating technology developed especially for probiotics.

The capsule, coated with ProTarget® does not disintegrate when exposed to the stomach pH 1.2 for one hour. When it reaches the intestine and the pH increases (becomes more alkaline), the capsule disintegrate within one hour thus delivering a high number of viable probiotics to the intestine.

ProTarget® Technology benefits:

  • Enteric coating protects probiotics from being destroyed by gastric acid
  • Precise delivery of viable, live cultures to the entire intestine for release & absorption
  • Guaranteed 24 month stability - we guarantee the label claim

TRUBIOTIC is proven to deliver viable, live cultures to the intestines.

A large European study evaluating several probiotic capsules showed:

  1. Only ProTarget® coated capsules complied with the European Pharmacopoeia requirement for disintegration of gastro resistant capsules.
  2. Only ProTarget® coated probiotic capsules had a significant survival rate of viable live cultures after exposure to a pH of 1.2 for 1 hour followed by increasing the pH to 6.8 ( typical stomach and bowel environments respectively)


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TRUBIOTIC is able to guarantee label claim of live cultures for the full duration of 24 months shelf life.

A large European study done on 34 commercially available probiotics showed:

  1. 74% of products do not meet their label claims with an average remaining shelf life of 10 months.
  2. Only 14% of non-coated probiotics are able to meet label claims with an average remaining shelf life of 10 months.



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